President Trump Gives Update On Health (Video



The United States of America, US President, Donald Trump has given updates about his health following a Covid-19 positive result.

Trump revealed that he is getting better as he gave an update on his COVID-19 diagnosis, from Walter Reed military hospital on Saturday night.

To be recalled that Donald Trump was hospitalized after developing mild symptoms from the deadly coronavirus infection.

However, in a video posted on his Twitter page.


His post reads;

“I’m starting to feel good” as he promised that he was fighting the virus for COVID-19 patients “all over the world”.

“We’re both doing well. Melania is really handling it very nicely. As you’ve probably read, she’s slightly younger than me, just a little tiny bit.

“And therefore, we know the disease, we know the situation with age versus younger people and Melania is handling it statistically like it’s supposed to be handled and that makes me very happy, and it makes the country very happy, but I’m also doing well and I think we’re gonna have a very good result again”


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